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On Death and Dying

My 5 year old son is on another death kick.   Everything is about death and dying.  As a Christian family, we try to explain a better life in heaven, but this is a pretty intangible concept for many adults to grasp, nevermind a preschooler.  Out of the blue, as is his norm, death pops up in the conversation.  “Mom, I don’t want you to die.”  I respond it’s not really high my list of favorable things either, but we just never know when it will happen.  I explain I hope that it’s when I’m really old, like his great-grandparents (I’ve lost three of four grandparents in the last eighteen months).  He ponders this, then says, “But what if you die tomorrow? Who will take care of me?”  I reassure him that his father will.  I expect the next question to be about what happens if his dad dies, too. 


Oh no.  He has something much more important on his mind. 


“Well, OK if you die, can I have all of your phones?”


NICE.  He is referring to my old iphone, which he uses as an iPod, and my existing iPhone.


If this is his biggest worry, maybe things aren’t so bad. 

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